Sunday, June 06, 2010

This Memorial Day Weekend

Sean and I were up at the house for the long weekend with my parents. The yard is looking fantastic! We got a new dryer and the stairs down to the water are all fixed up. It's looking great for the summer season!

Eagle Lake in the New York Times!

That's Sean and I playing Quiddler.
(You can find the Quiddler deck in the bookcase pictured behind us)

...and as my cousin Ned pointed out, it wasn't the first time the property has been in the Times!

Sean's nature photography

It wasn't all work over Memorial Day. There was some fishing, canoeing, bbqing, a lunch trip to Schroon and check out Sean's nature photos!

The Waterfront

There's a little patch of lawn at the waterfront where you can put out a few chairs and generally hang out. It's shallow enough initially for kids to walk in and play around. Walk out a little further for swimming. Water shoes are recommended. It's a little rocky.

Lifejackets are in the house on the left. The main boathouse is for Baldwin/Harris use only.

The Stairs to the Waterfront

I finally got good shots of the stairs that lead from the house to the waterfront. There's another path that leads back up. It doesn't have stairs but its a bit steep at the top.