Thursday, June 01, 2006

Come see nature!

My dad's friend Dennis Curtin took some amazing nature photos around our house this weekend. Come see for yourself!

New Kitchen!

We spent the Memorial Day weekend at the house- it was awesome! The renovations are almost done...

The new kitchen looks amazing. Before, the kitchen was an enclosed cube, too small to fit more than one or two people. Now that its open, there's so much more room to cook and chefs aren't hidden away, they can hang out too! More big news: there's a dishwasher! I personally spent the time I would have been handwashing dishes on a few extra games of catch in the yard (tball, baseball, pink ball, and frisbee). awesome.

...and we tested out the burger making ability of the new grill. I'm happy to report that it works like a charm. It was a very thorough test. It passed the hot dog and steak levels as well!

The bedrooms and bathroom downstairs should be completed within the next two weeks! New floors, new walls, and the bathroom is going to look awesome - half log paneling! Very Adirondacks.

The Living Room

Here are more shots of the living room! Look at how nice the fireplace looks now! Bigger and better.

Over the weekend we got a new TV and fancy cable! I'm glad we get the baseball games... and I'm glad there's better stuff to do up there than watch TV. We climbed Camel's Head on Sunday!

Turning clockwise from the fireplace we come to the windows that look out on the new deck.

There's a comfy bench that runs along the lakeside wall of the livingroom (opposite the fireplace). Great woodsy views!

See how the living room connects to the kitchen?

The window above the sink also looks out along the lake. That white shelf is the end of the lakeside bench.

H is for HARRIS!

This is one of my favorite things about our family's house - We're redoing the chimney at some point, but I hope the H stays!